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Thursday, June 3rd 2004

5:44 AM


It is hard to imagine we are almost halfway there! The first half has been difficult. Debilitating morning sickness landed me permanently on the couch while the kids did their best to function on their own. Daddy valiantly tried to keep up with laundry, groceries, and dinners. I am certainly not complaining about pink socks or junk cereals! My husband is a saint...

Thankfully, the smell of French fries (and anything else for that matter, no longer send me dashing to the bathroom and I am once again in charge of the house. The second trimester is a wonderful time when God grants Mommy-to-be's renewed energy to conquer all those projects we want to get done before the baby arrives. Littlest Bit sleeps through most of the action during the day but perks up at night. The little pokes are still soft enough to be fun but just strong enough that Chad occasionally feels our newest addition.

As you can see in the pictures, my figure is rapidly expanding. I am very excited to say that I have only gained a half pound so far! Not that you can tell by looking at me but I guess my bazillion trips up and down the stairs each day pay off. When I am rich and famous, I am going to put the laundry room on the main living floor!!! Until then, I will continue to tromp up and down the steps and schedule my day around naptime!

We want to thank everybody for their support so far. After losing the twins, I REALLY didn't want to have to go through this again. I admit that my attitude has been occasionally stinky and I thank those of you who have let me cry and reminded me of the light (and baby toes) at the end of the tunnel. I can't say I was enthusiastic about swelling up like a beach ball on steroids but when I got home from a shopping trip with my best friend, I had a new perspective. I don't know whether it was just getting away from the kids, enjoying a meal without nausea, or strolling through miniature shoes but something clicked and I came home ready to be a "six pack". Perspective is everything. It is amazing how the last three weeks have flown by!

To answer everyone's question... we don't know what we are having. It will be at least another month before our ultrasound and we are currently debating whether to find out. Seeing how I really thought I was done, I gave away all the boy's clothes and Bek's were bagged and ready to follow. This of course means that we will have a boy! I tried explaining to Chad that while it would be nice to give the Grandparents time to shop, I can't promise restraint if I know I am going to have to completely replace a boy's wardrobe. He argues that I am going to shop anyway (this might be partially true...) and I might as well know what I am shopping for instead of buying for both. To my defense I have only picked up a few little boy things- but they were calling me! I have shown enormous restraint because I only suspect there will be a stem on that apple. I tried to point out how many other little baby shoes begged to come home with me. Two pairs even jumped into my cart but I diligently put them back on the display. I don't think I would have the will power to do that if I knew for sure. He could give me the green flag for shopping and then I would be happy to find out. This comment shot milk out his nose, which I took to be a negative. So, the debate continues....

The name game is another favorite Johnson pastime. Mr. Conservative wants a bible name followed by a family middle name. He has axed Sage, River, Hunter, and any other good name I come up with. I was even willing to compromise and trade a Sage for a Charles the Fourth. I was sure I him! He said he wasn't naming his baby after a plant, handed me a bible, and said to go a-hunting. I'll go a-hunting all right! Here, honey, honey, honey.... Disgruntled as I am about not getting my Sage, we have found a few names that are semi-palatable (but not near as pretty!). The current name list includes Hannah, Abigail (Gabby Abbey!!), Sarah, Faith (it IS in the bible...), Luke (Chad's favorite so I'll have to axe it), Joshua, and Micah. If Chad had his way, the poor kid might end up Methuselah or something! That's why God gave kids two parents...

On a side note, we are currently being inundated with ugly bugs called cicadas. These have to be the ugliest creature I have ever seen, complete with hang over red eyes and the loudest, most annoying drone you've ever heard. Really, you can hear them over the radio as you are driving down the interstate. These suckers are LOUD! Besides being loud and ugly, they are infamous because of their cyclic lives. Every 17 years, these ugly things crawl up out of the ground, eat everything in site, mate, lay eggs, and then die. The babies hatch, crawl down back into the ground, and hibernate for another 17 years until they are ready to reek their havoc.

I was a little disturbed by these flying critters until I realized they were another way to measure the passage of time. Right now, Littlest Bit is just a tickle in my tummy. The next time these little beasts come around, we will have enjoyed our first smile, lost front teeth, graduated Kindergarten, and be armed with a driver license. The boys will be in college and Bek's butterfly kisses will be a faint memory. I am still not an advocate for these noisy locusts but it is neat to think where we will be 17 years from now. All in the life of a Country Gal!

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